• Project : WING
  • Client : Covéa Immobilier

An airy Business

Expertise used

Kotska imagined the name and visual identity for Wing, an optimized, connected office building in Boulogne-Billancourt. Its modular work spaces associate design and well-being. Kotska created and developed a contemporary corporate identity on different communication supports: brochure, axonometry, 3D layout plans and goodies.


A new Generation
of Building

An airy name for inspired offices that encourage each person to develop their skills in modular spaces, synonymous with liberty, for a kindly way of doing business.

New Geometry

An inspired identity at Wing with flexible, modular spaces. The soft, humane colors are in the image of the building.

New Identity

An inspired and inspiring identity for a sober, modern brochure. Many images, the axonometry and 3D layout plans give this brochure lots of breathing room.

A colored axonometry

A textured, 3D layout plan

Zoning & development plan