• Project : LOOM
  • Client : Sodexo Prestige

Bright & contemporary

Expertise used

Kotska created, for Sodexo Prestige, the naming and visual design of the new café space in the 83 Marceau office building.


Living & Design

To imagine an identity that evokes a space that responds to all the needs of the tenants, offering a sensitive experience, enhancing a place with a marked design and modern materials, while embodying the style of the building, its identity, its architecture.

Curve and opening

A logo using the curves and openings of the place to accentuate the idea of open circulation and light. An unequivocal organic design where infinity is possible!

A graphic territory

A symbol that can be played in all its forms in the colors of space ...

A declinable identity for a space filled with materiality and roundness

where we weave links and memories

A high, bright and daring experience!