• Client : COMMERZREAL

A flowery & shape-shifting stroll

Expertise used

Etoile Saint-Honoré metamorphosizes, the idea was to rethink the building’s identity. Commerz Real wanted to organize an event to emphasize the restructuring. From developing the identity to the communication strategy in passing by the event itself, Kotska accompanied the company at each step of the project and had fun with the visual identity created for a floral cocktail party during a big inaugural event. The idea was to develop the corporate emblem on all grounds: invitation, signage, food or digital images …

A poetic…pop-up

Celebrate the restructuring

Etoile Saint-Honoré is a new type of office building. The idea was to highlight its unique, elegant identity through a vegetation and flower scenography: a strong concept to emphasize the exceptional restructuring by the Axel Schoenert Architectes agency for Commerz Real

A rhythmic & tonal invitation

A graphic impact developed in the paper and digital versions for a strong effect

An invitation with an RSVP

Developed on various grounds … in both a paper and digital version

Floral architecture

The event, in keeping with the invitation’s color codes, had a decor that resembled boxes of plants: surprising, delicate, embodied …

Marketing suite

Kotska’s scenography of two marketing bubbles made by the Axel Schoenert Architectes agency promoted Commerz Real’s future projects. Layout plan, page layout, elevations, project files, laser-cut logo … key words for these two marketing spaces.

a logo as a signature

Developed on all grounds: Signage, food and goodies were all in keeping with the event’s corporate identity