Position & create A name

Design a place

Each place inspires us … The site’s geometry, transparency and wells of light in the central area are all elements at the core of our reflection.
Thus radiant light becomes a vector for the architectural and structural concept.

Rive Montparnasse becomes a place for enlightened business meetings like a luminous prism that diffuses color and benevolence for future users.

Kotska fuses the concepts of diffraction and river banks to create the location’s emblem. The two diagonals symbolize nor only the two banks of a river but also rays of light for a status-oriented, meaningful identity.

This motif of transparency and light enriches the identity

Organize the space First, incarnate the identity

Rive Montparnasse is a 1500 sqm space on 2 levels with 24 meeting rooms, an auditorium, a large entrance hall … Kotska measured the spaces and offers a solution that is at once conceptual and practical: each room has a colored wall. These soft, harmonious color ranges form an ensemble that, viewed from the central area, appear as if a diffracted ray of light was diffused from the center.

Each room is decorated with a custom-made painting whose graphic design is inspired by the river the room is named after.

...then imagine the space

Kotska selected the furniture to create a coherent, modern, designed mood adapted to the needs of the site and always linked to the overall concept.

...made in a 3D model to better understand it

and finally accessorized

A colorful space to make any business trip memorable!

A lovely project for travellers at the foot of the Tour Montparnasse