• Project : UNION BURÖ

An arty & corporate design

Expertise used

Union Investment France called on Kotska to imagine a meeting-creative room, the lobby and the coffee break room within its office space at Trocadero. From 3D to the final layout, including the precise choice of furniture and decoration, Kotska brings back to life cosy-chic, contemporary, colorful spaces, with a half-arty, half-corporate design, for a unique atmosphere.

Creative Community

Creative Community: a fresh concept

Reinventing multiple corporate spaces means instilling a protean concept. This requires the right positioning, a targeted benchmark, a range of adapted spaces and unique furniture.

2D layout plan of the meeting-creative room

3D layout plan of the meeting-creative room

A sketched and modeled project

From the creation of custom furniture, multiple seats giving access to a breathtaking view, a soft and intimate universe, a green wall for an embodied and evolving space.

Community Lobby

As the company's first showcase, the lobby must be in line with the organization's identity and values. It must also instill a positive, well-groomed image and make a lasting impression, all in a comfortable environment.

Community Kitchen

Customized storage, high seats, small furniture for a decorative effect, a high table, low seats and accessories in colorful tones for a corporate and comfortable environment with a contemporary and embodied character.